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Customers trust brands. As a franchisor, you know that branding is an essential part of strategy for any franchise. Quality customer support management is an essential ingredient for your branding.

Track all your customer issues across the entire franchise with FranDesQ® Enhance the brand equity of your franchise.

Streamline your customer support with FranDesQ®: your catalyst for the franchise business model.

FranDesQ® Customer Support Management

Enhance your brand with quality support

Branding & Customer Support

Brand attracts customers and quality support retains those customers. Brand is key to the growth of a franchise. The brand differentiates a franchisee from an independent stand-alone small business. Branding begins with quality in product and service. Brand is how customers, leads, and potential franchisees perceive products/services of your franchise. Quality products and/or services are those which meet customers’ expectations. Quality products and/or services do what customers want them to do, at a price they’re willing to pay.

As a franchisor, did you ever feel that you needed to better understand the problems faced by your customers? That you didn’t have as much direct interactions with customers of your franchise? Unless you have company-owned stores as a franchisor, you must rely on customer feedback from your franchisees. This level of indirection can be frustrating for you as a franchisor. A customer support management system can help with this. If your growth plans do not include support infrastructure, it can affect your brand whether you are an emerging franchisor or an established one.

What can FranDesQ® Customer Support Management do?

Support Group image Register, track and resolve customer problems using FranDesQ® Customer Support Management System. Create a case (trouble ticket) and track it until the problem is resolved. Customers, franchisee employees or franchisor employees can create cases with the "priority" defined. Each case is then assigned to an “owner” (a franchisor or a franchisee employee) who is responsible for problem resolution through collaboration with appropriate individuals in the franchise.

Using priority for the case, the resolution timeframe and the service level agreement (SLA) can be determined. FranDesQ® has options to let customers log in and add notes for inputs to their case besides viewing the status. Giving customers access to their case can reduce the cost for phone/call-center support and can provide transparency for customers about status of their respective cases. The franchisor can maintain privacy about the case if the employees add notes marked for "internal use only."

FranDesQ® Customer Support Management gives the franchisor direct visibility into ongoing field problems. Franchisors can view the Key Performance Indices (KPI) dashboard to determine how many new cases were opened and how many cases were closed during a certain period. They can also track the amount of time taken for problem resolution.

Quality Service image Additionally, franchisors can know and infer:
  • What customer expectations are not met
  • What complaints customers have registered
  • How customers express their dissatisfaction
The franchisor can thus mitigate future problems encountered. A good customer support system builds up a history of solutions that can morph into a powerful knowledge base for future use. Since consistency is the most essential ingredient of branding, having a knowledge base of solutions can result in enhanced quality of products and services in the long term.

For all the reasons mentioned above, you need FranDesQ® Customer Support Management.

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