Why FranDesQ®?

Engineered exclusively for the franchise business model

Change Management

If you are on an exponential growth curve, you are probably realizing that the growth cannot be sustained without proper technology in place. If you still think you are okay without any franchise management software, just ask us for a demo of FranDesQ®. You will be able to visualize how streamlined your operations and growth will be when you use FranDesQ®. Contact us for a live demo of FranDesQ®

You may have realized that developing software is not just a very expensive exercise but it also requires extensive technology knowledge to do it right. And then, platforms, versions, architecture and security issues increase the maintenance costs. By using software like FranDesQ®, you can leverage technical expertise of a company focused on technology and take advantage of best practices in franchising and economies of scale. Additionally, if you have specific needs as a franchisor, we can augment our offering to meet your requirements. You can even integrate your existing applications with FranDesQ® by using our REST API framework. Contact us for a live demo of FranDesQ®

You will be pleasantly surprised when you go through the features offered by FranDesQ®. Some of the features are available only in FranDesQ®. We interacted with several franchisors and franchise professionals over the past few years and our product management prioritized features based on most common requirements for the franchise business model. Many franchisors also had some major concerns. They weren’t satisfied with their current vendors in terms of service, support, price and/or the product stability: changing platforms every year, frustration the moment users log in, lack of support, lock-in with long-term contracts, etc. Can you relate to these problems? Sounds familiar? Contact us for a live demo of FranDesQ®

For all the reasons mentioned above, you need FranDesQ®.

Whether your franchise is launching its first unit or 1000th unit, FranDesQ® has features to steer your franchise through your growth requirements. You need software that treats your franchise as one enterprise but with a difference: independently owned units taking full advantage of cohesiveness of the franchise brand. You need a collaboration suite that glues your franchise without intruding into the basic operations of the franchisees. We understand that Digital Transformation isn’t about just one application or vendor. In addition to core features of FranDesQ®, the suite integrates seamlessly with best of breed applications: Zoom, Intuit Quickbooks, Google Calendar, Adobe Sign, DocuSign, Facebook, Amazon's AWS S3. There are more integration points in our product roadmap.
Innovation to the core: you need software that can foster brilliant new ideas across your franchise.

Features designed with your franchise in mind
FranDesQ® is a software suite designed exclusively for the franchise business model. You can start using FranDesQ® at any stage during the evolution of your franchise. Whereas some modules are designed for fast growing franchisors, others like Business Change Management and Support Management are written with mature franchisors in mind. Franchisors can choose and configure FranDesQ® modules as per their needs. Developed by a team of software professionals with several decades of experience in technology and business combined. As a franchisor, you know your business priorities. We understand that your priorities change with time and situations. We have designed FranDesQ® so that you can start by subscribing to the features that address the requirements of your highest priority issues.
You can incrementally scale by adding FranDesQ® building blocks as needs arise.

Latest Technology that works for you
Technology has transformed several industries completely over the last decade. Domains such as travel, real estate and many more have exploited technology to become cost-effective for their clients. Recent events have accelerated the digital transformation. Franchises too can take advantage of technology to streamline growth and operations. FranDesQ® is a software suite designed from ground up as a cloud-based application targeted for the franchise model. It is not a “legacy port” from a desktop implementation to the cloud. It is implemented on Amazon’s scalable AWS platform that is used by highly scalable proven applications from companies like Intuit, Expedia, Airbnb, McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, Yelp, Capital One. So, when you choose FranDesQ®, you have great peers.

Being a cloud based application suite, franchisees and franchisors don’t have any complex initial setup procedures or any special hardware requirements. You can access FranDesQ® from any device that supports HTML5 compliant browser.
Your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is reduced drastically without sacrificing the flexibility.

FranDesQ® is designed for scalability. Amazon’s AWS platform helps us scale up the application as your business grows. All this is transparent to your franchisees and to you as a franchisor. Cloud computing with Amazon AWS platform has made our goal a reality: Scalability and high availability are no longer buzzwords or the realms of large corporations but within the reach of businesses of all sizes. FranDesQ® exploits technological advances in software to the fullest. All “roles” in the franchise can access FranDesQ® over the Internet with any device. Integration with best-of-breed popular applications is a snap. Communication is relayed across franchise instantly.
The complete franchise performs in unison even as scalability and flexibility is maintained.

Service Oriented Architecture
Internally, FranDesQ® is implemented using a set of REST services for accessing data. Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) increases business agility, improves flexibility for business workflows, promotes reuse of code, and extends life span of applications. FranDesQ® service definitions are available to any customer interested in integrating FranDesQ® with other in-house applications, lead funnel applications or contact forms on your website. SOA improves long-term maintainability of the application thereby reducing the software maintenance cost for the franchisors. Powerful architecture working behind the scenes for you.

NoSQL Data
FranDesQ® is implemented using traditional SQL databases as well as NoSQL data where appropriate. NoSQL data is used for our innovative Business Change Management feature. NoSQL technology is used in today’s highly scalable social media software and shared-economy apps. The highly scalable NoSQL store forms the foundation for integration with advanced features such as predictive analytics in our product roadmap.
With emerging technologies on the horizon, you must partner with a company that has vision for its future.

We believe that simplicity is power and simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. FranDesQ® is your own Franchise Operating System. You know your business. We provide the right mechanisms for you to execute your policies and your business strategy. Make technology an integral part of your business strategy. Contact us for a live demo of FranDesQ®

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