Social Media Integration


With FranDesQ®, you can access your Facebook pages, groups and insights directly from the application suite.

Post on your franchise pages and groups from FranDesQ®.

Streamline your franchise communications with FranDesQ®: your catalyst for the franchise business model.

FranDesQ® Social Media Integration

Unleash the power of Social Media

Today’s social media platforms provide myriads of information that businesses can use. They provide easy sharing of information and insights into customer behavior patterns. Social media networks are bidirectional. Customers can learn about your franchise business and importantly, businesses too can learn about customers.

Why use Facebook for your franchise?

  • Facebook has over 2 billion active users and you can leverage its user experience
  • Creating a Facebook Page for your business can enhance your brand
  • Facebook Pages can provide useful insights to plan your franchise business
  • You can communicate with your franchisees using Facebook Groups

FranDesQ® integrates with Facebook, the most popular social media platform. With this integration, you can directly access information related to your franchise that you may have set up on Facebook.

Facebook Groups
Social Networking image In business, Facebook is perceived primarily as a marketing tool for insights rather than a collaboration suite. But it can also be a boon to the franchise model when some of its features are exploited to the fullest.
Create Facebook groups with appropriate privacy settings:
  • Define private groups for franchisees and/or advisory committees
  • Create public (moderated) groups for customers and/or leads
  • Post relevant messages and important announcements to respective Facebook groups
If you use Facebook login/password with FranDesQ®, you can view group posts directly from FranDesQ® if you have subscribed to our optional Social Media Integration module.

Facebook Pages
Social Networking image Using Facebook, you can create and promote your business Facebook page for your franchise. It reflects your branding. You can support multiple locations. ZIP code and territory comparisons over time can give you the insights you need to determine where you are most likely to find success next.

With FranDesQ®, Social Media Integration, you can monitor most activities on your Facebook page directly from FranDesQ®.

Facebook Insights
Social Networking image Facebook Page Insights help you understand the demographics of visitors to your Facebook Pages. You can view these insights directly from FranDesQ®. It can help you develop genuine relationships with customers and prospects. You can also get information about hot spots for scouting new territories. Two-way communication provides feedback that can enhance your brand.
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