Franchise Management


FranDesQ® Franchise Management is designed exclusively for the franchise business model.

Define new territories, royalty calculations and payment schedules. Track compliance and business events. Use Meeting Scheduler, Zoom Meetings and a simple task Manager using FranDesQ®.

Streamline your franchise operations with FranDesQ®: your catalyst for the franchise business model.

Territory Management

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Defining and managing territories is very important for any franchise. With FranDesQ® Territory Management, you can name a new territory based on one or more zip codes. Maps are shown for the selected zip codes while you are defining one.

Build your territory definitions as you expand. Associate your units with the territories defined. Track new franchise requests based on territories.

Business & Compliance Event Management

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Compliance with FTC rules is a basic requirement for franchise operations. Franchises have to meet various compliance deadlines. The franchise can plan, schedule, track and communicate all franchise compliance events. Additionally, the franchise can also use this module to plan and track other business events. Set notifications and get reminders as the deadlines approach.

Document Management

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Wouldn't it be nice to have a central repository of important documents for your franchise?
Using FranDesQ® Document Management, the franchisor employees can maintain a repository of documents that are frequently accessed by the franchise. Marketing collaterals, FDD templates, Franchise Agreement templates, Operations Manuals. You can control access to these documents based on the user roles. Versioning of the documents is also supported. You can also attach these documents with workflows such as the Discovery Process.

FranDesQ® Document Management is based on Amazon's S3 platform.

Royalty Management

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Royalty Management is one of the most important functions for the franchise business model. Every franchisor has a different method of calculating and scheduling royalties for the franchisees.
FranDesQ® Royalty Management provides the flexibility of defining royalty payments such as fixed percentage, sliding scale, schedule recurrence and more. The franchisor & franchisees can communicate with each other regarding royalty payments and schedules using FranDesQ®. The franchisor can view the payment history of royalties per franchisee.

Task Management

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All managers need to assign tasks to their employees to get the work done. As the employee base and/or the number of tasks grow, the manager can get overwhelmed.
Using FranDesQ® Task Manager, the franchisor & the franchisee managers can track tasks assigned to their respective employees. You can prioritize the task, define urgency of the task and estimate a completion date for the task.

If the task is too complex to be tracked with a single completion date, you can create subtasks. And then track the subtasks as a part of the main task. FranDesQ® Task Management is a simple-to-use alternative to complex project management software solutions.

Meeting Scheduler

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Scheduling meetings is a common requirement for all businesses. Using FranDesQ® Meeting Scheduler, you can schedule meetings and save them in Google Calendar.
View your calendar, schedule meetings by filtering participant selection based on roles in the franchise: franchisor employee, franchisee, lead, customer, consultant, broker, potential franchisee.

Anyone in the franchise can professionally manage meetings across the franchise & with customers/leads.

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