Discovery Process


With FranDesQ®, you can organize your interactions with your potential franchisees in the pipeline. Share your vision for the franchise with them.

Track and record all activities during Discovery. Communicate with them directly from FranDesQ®.

Streamline your franchise growth with FranDesQ®: your catalyst for the franchise business model.

FranDesQ® Discovery Process

Streamline Your Franchise Growth

Whether you are an established franchisor or an emerging one, growth is essential for business. Adding new units and franchisees is important for franchisors to grow. When potential franchisees are identified, they start interacting with the franchisors to learn (and discover) about the franchise.

Discovery can be the beginning of a long term business relationship. Franchisors compete with other franchisors to seek attention of the potential franchisees. Franchisors must demonstrate how organized they are compared to other franchisors in replicating unit success.

Showcase your complete Discovery Process and gain the confidence of your future franchisee. We understand that every franchise organization can have its own process and focus. FranDesQ® provides a step-by-step wizard for Discovery that is highly configurable to suit your needs.

Engage Potential Franchisees during Discovery

signing doc image Using FranDesQ®, you can organize your interactions with your potential franchisees in the pipeline. Demonstrate your franchise’s organized approach to them with FranDesQ®. Track all activities during Discovery:

  • Send Marketing Collaterals from FranDesQ® Document Management System based on Amazon AWS S3
  • Send FDD either physically or electronically via DocuSign or Adobe Sign
  • Track FDD Acknowledgement (Item 23 Receipt) for compliance
  • Schedule Discovery Day Visit
  • Send Franchise Agreements either physically or electronically via DocuSign or Adobe Sign

FranDesQ® provides a REST API so that you can optionally integrate directly with your website or your lead funnel to import potential franchisees.

Communicate with Potential Franchisees

Video Conference image

Add notes and send emails to your potential franchisees directly from FranDesQ® at any phase of Discovery. Keep track of all your activities with potential franchisees. All communication via FranDesQ® is recorded for future reference.

You can also schedule video/audio conferences any time with potential franchisees using our integration with Zoom. And save meeting notes for your Zoom meeting.

Open New Units

Store front image As soon as your potential franchisee becomes a full-fledged franchisee, you can track activities for opening new units using FranDesQ®.
Your new franchisee and you can now:

  • Exchange photos of locations
  • Share location details and addresses
  • View maps of locations
  • Exchange notes about new units during the opening phase

Now that the potential franchisee has become a part of your franchise family, they have access to other modules of FranDesQ® such as Task Manager, Scheduler and other subscribed modules to manage their business activities related to the franchise. They can also access documents that may be available to franchisees in the FranDesQ® Document Management repository of the franchisor.

Define New Territories

Store Map Adding territories is another aspect of business growth. This happens throughout the life of the franchise. Franchise compliance laws vary across states and regions. As a franchisor, you can define and add new territories with FranDesQ® territory management whenever you are ready to expand to new territories.

Drive Your Business Growth

Drive Business The growth of franchisors is measured by the new franchisees they sign up and the number of units added in addition to the annual revenue growth for the franchise. When you use FranDesQ® suite, growth is always manageable. FranDesQ® can help you streamline your complete franchise so that you can replicate your success as you grow.

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