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In today's world, you need business information at your finger tips: at digital speed.

Track your key business parameters across the entire franchise with FranDesQ®.

Streamline data access across the franchise with FranDesQ®: your catalyst for the franchise business model.

FranDesQ® Business Dashboard

Key business parameters at your fingertips

When you start using FranDesQ®, you've got lots of data that you can leverage for business decisions. The goal of FranDesQ® Business Dashboard module is to present “prioritized” data indicators at a high level for executive levels. Keeping it simple without clutter.

FranDesQ® Business Dashboard is designed so that franchisors as well as franchisees can used them for strategic as well as operational purposes. They are targeted for executives at the franchisor’s headquarters as well as franchisee owners.
You can select and view various dashboard performance indicators during a particular period such as a month, a quarter or a year for a franchisee or headquarters:

Dashboard image Customers
  • New Customers acquired
  • Total Customer base
  • New Leads
  • Leads Converted to Customers
  • New Employees
  • Employee Attrition
Customer Support
  • New Cases
  • Open Cases
  • Resolved Cases
Accounting (Optionally, you can integrate FranDesQ® with Intuit’s Quickbooks)
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Total Sales Amount
  • Sales Amount per Product or Service
  • Inventory Units per Product

There are several other built-in indicators that you can view as reports just with a click such as:
Potential Franchisees by
  • Territories
  • Selected Period
  • Source (Email Campaigns, Trade Shows, Consultants, Brokers, Referrals, etc)

You can also view reports based on franchisee performance data. Contact us for a live demo

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