Customer And Lead Management


Manage customers and leads with FranDesQ® Customer & Lead Management module designed exclusively for the franchise business model.

View customer and lead profiles using FranDesQ®.

Know your customers better with FranDesQ®: your catalyst for the franchise business model.

Customer & Lead Management

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Franchisors and franchisees can add potential franchisees & leads respectively to FranDesQ® directly from the contact forms on the franchise website using our integration framework.

  • Maintain contact information
    Keep street addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, fax numbers for leads & customers

  • Track and record your interactions
    Maintain history of meaningful interactions with leads & customers for future analytics and insights on “worthy” events

  • Log notes & email
    Log information about leads & customers. Send emails to them directly from FranDesQ®.

  • Forward leads
    Franchisors can send leads to the appropriate franchisee based on territory information

  • Provide logins for leads & customers
    Optionally, you can provide logins for leads and customers for support issues

  • Maintain information about products and/or services of interest
    Franchisors & franchisees can maintain information about the products and services of interest for customers as well as leads
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