Business Change Management


Change is inevitable in business. Lead transformations as a franchisor with transparency and a compelling vision.

Communicate your changes proactively seeking feedback and suggestions when needed. Review progress.

Streamline your business changes with FranDesQ®: your catalyst for the franchise business model.

FranDesQ® Business Change Management

Communicate your vision for the change

Change is necessary for extraordinary results.
However, not all changes result in progress as anticipated. Deploying changes across the franchise can be very cumbersome and sometimes very expensive.

What can FranDesQ® Business Change Management do?
The franchise business model has constraints that can make some changes almost impossible due to franchise agreements. Furthermore, brand related changes across the franchise can be tough due to financial constraints. Almost every IFA franchise conference conducts discussions on case studies for various changes across the franchise and the challenges they pose. Every change must therefore be effectively communicated to all franchisees and documented as well.

That’s why you need FranDesQ® Business Change Management.

Using FranDesQ®, you can proactively communicate plans for changes, seek inputs for changes and deploy changes in a phased manner. Proactively communicating your change plans can reduce risks associated with the changes. Being candid about the proposed changes can build trust with the franchisees and optionally with the Franchise Advisory Council (FAC). Make FranDesQ® Business Change Management a part of your continuous innovation and change process across the franchise.

Streamline your Business Changes

  • Categorize your business changes
  • Communicate changes proactively across the franchise
  • Seek input for changes before they are deployed
  • Plan changes in phases
  • Deploy and track progress for the changes
  • Send notifications to franchisees related to the changes
  • Seek suggestions from franchisees for changes and innovation

Categorize your Business Changes as:

  • Strategic
  • Branding
  • Pricing
  • Operational
  • Competition
  • Product/Service Roadmap
  • Vendors/Suppliers
  • Technology Platforms
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Organizational
  • Policy
  • Financial
  • Miscellaneous
Change Management

Reduce Risks Associated With Business Changes

Franchisors can assess whether the change is the right one for their franchise with proactive feedback. FranDesQ® provides you with a mechanism to involve all levels of your franchise whenever there is a need to do so to seek input. You can identify change advocates for complex multi-stage changes. FranDesQ® can help alleviate issues so that you can then focus better on what you do best: your business domain as a franchisor. Once you start using FranDesQ® Business Change Management, you will wonder how you could ever work without it in the past: You will have the same feeling as using maps on your smart phone to navigate. Chart your roadmap for the change and then execute it.

Simple User Interface with a Powerful Backend

FranDesQ® Business Change Management uses a very innovative approach for the user interface. The user interface is modeled like “communication threads” in social media applications. This UI approach reduces the training needs as this UI paradigm is very common today. Our backend technology uses the highly scalable NoSQL technology.

Franchisees are less likely to resist change when they participate in the change

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