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AppDesQ Inc is a Silicon Valley based technology company focused exclusively on developing SaaS offerings for businesses based on the franchise model. We are the first company in this market to leverage the power of Amazon’s AWS platform for deploying our scalable cloud based franchise management suite, FranDesQ®. At AppDesQ, we believe that software is not just a tool, it is the heart of business. We use agile practices internally for our software product development. We leverage integration with best-of-breed products wherever appropriate to bring the most value to our users. AppDesQ Inc is a member of IFA (International Franchise Association) Supplier Forum.

Our Mission

To provide innovative, cost-effective technology to companies embracing the franchise business model.

Our Founder/CEO
Abhay V. Acharekar holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science. Abhay has over three decades of leadership experience in technology & international business. Besides franchise management software, Abhay has held leadership positions in various domains including CRM, call centers, distribution/channel management, and predictive analytics. He was a member of AT&T Bell Labs team when their first ISDN switch was deployed at McDonald’s. He has recent US patents to his credit in the areas of Business Process Management and User Interface. Abhay is responsible for strategy and vision at AppDesQ Inc.

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